Marvin Ammori

Marvin Ammori is currently a law professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he helps lead a JD/LLM program in Space & Cyber law. He teaches cyberlaw, telecom, and cyberwarfare law.
Before becoming a professor, he was a lawyer in Washington, DC, representing citizens as the first, and head, lawyer for Free Press, a national advocacy group for open Internet issues. He was centrally involved in many of the most prominent media and Internet policy debates, including network neutrality, broadcast ownership limits, children’s media rules, wireless policy, and access for all Americans to high-speed internet. He is perhaps best known for having successfully served as the lead counsel for consumer groups and scholars in related FCC proceedings (prompted by filings he authored) that resulted in a landmark decision regarding Internet freedom and FCC jurisdiction when the cable giant Comcast blocked peer-to-peer applications, including BitTorrent.