Kasper Hulthin

As a serial entrepreneur Kasper has experience from several start-ups including e-commerce marketplaces, media distribution and now a web based workplatform. The common denominator for all his projects has been to rethink industry standards through redefining user experience and business model approaches. Supported by a M.Sc. in Management of Innovation and Business Development Kasper utilizes his entrepreneural experience through motivational speaches about balancing Activity and Action, as well as the subject ‘Work – like you’.

Kasper Hulthin is the CEO and co-founder of Hoist, one of the most interesting scandinavian web start-ups at the moment. A web based workplatform that helps people work efficiently across organizations by bringing enterprise software into the new decade. Kasper is working on scaling Hoist, which is currently in private beta, with the rest of the team in Denmark.