Session: How to reach 1 million Europeans?

With the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union has introduced the European Citizens’ Initiate through which at least 1 million European citizens coming from several EU countries can force the European Commission to deal with a topic they care for.

But if there is an issue that you think should be dealt with on the European level – how do you reach out to the 999.999 others? How do you cross national borders, find multipliers in other EU countries, or target European audiences you have never targeted before?

The goal of this English-language workshop will be to discuss how to develop ideas for low-cost European campaigns that deliver political results online and offline by reaching out into different national spheres and as well as to EU.

Participants are invited to bring their own ideas into the workshop that will then be built upon to create concrete campaign strategies.

The organisers, Eurobloggers and editors of, have experience in European communication and campaigns like or They will share their knowledge and moderate the workshop debate.