Session: Blogospheres in Russia and Belarus I: An overview over recent developments

In Kooperation mit n-ost

Especially against the background of their ailing classical media landscapes the vibrancy and growth of Russian and Belarusian blogospheres stands out. Blogs provide alternative spaces, free of the political and economic restrictions that apply to the classical media spheres of the two countries. The reactions of both countries, as much as they may differ, demonstrate the importance politicians ascribe to the blogosphere: The new Belarusian law on internet-censorship shows insecurity and fear. In Russia, in contrast, some politicians (the most prominent of them being President Medvedev) try to ride the wave by using the social web themselves.

The first panel gives an overview over features, popular sites, recipients and legal developments in the Belorussian and Russian blogosphere. The panel includes multimedia presentations and will be held in English with translation from Russian (translator: Ingrid Müller, Berlin).