re:publica 2010: Record-breaking advance sales

Thank you all for your support and your confidence in us: Within 24 hours, early bird blogger tickets for the re:publica 2010 were sold out. 300 people chose the lowest priced way to attend next year’s conference.

At the time of writing, few regular early bird tickets are left, so for some little time it doesn’t matter if you choose the normally priced blogger ticket or the regular ticket at an early bird price.

As soon as all early bird tickets are sold out, admission to re:publica 2010 wil cost 70 Euros for bloggers who can place a re:publica banner on their site (we will provide banners later on) and 90 Euros for regular visitors.

Business tickets (early bird: 350 Euros, later price 450 Euros) are aimed at participating company employees, those tickets include catering for the three day conference at the Speaker’s Lounge, where there’s also room for business talk.

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